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About SaltSpringMusic.Com


As of January 2008, has be taken over by Tarris Innovations, a multimedia company on Salt Spring Island. Tony Richards began this site as a showcase for musicians on Salt Spring Island, internationally renowned for its arts community. Since it was launched in 2001, SaltSpringMusic.Com has begun to expand to take in other Western Canadian artists. I will do my best to uphold the fine reputation of the site as I add more services and information about the local music scene.


The big sellers here are those artists who are very well known or do a lot of touring. But there are many excellent musicians represented on the site who are neither well known nor tour, and this site was created for them as well.


The biggest challenge for an Internet retailer is overcoming the widespread reluctance to use credit cards online. But none of our customers has been a victim of credit card fraud as a result of their purchases here.


Many of the tracks on CDs available at SaltSpringMusic.Com have been encoded so you can listen before you buy. Sound clips vary in length from 30 to 60 seconds or the full length of the track, and are encoded for satisfactory quality regardless of Internet access speed. You must have either Real Player or Windows Media Player installed on your computer to listen to the music. I will be adding mp3 samples over the next few months. Click on one of the links on the music pages to download either player.


Most items ship within 72 hours and Canada Post delivers to most North American locations in two weeks at most. Buyers in the United States and Canada have the option of selecting ExpressPost for speedier delivery. Note that all prices are in Canadian dollars.

Enjoy the music, and thanks for visiting.


—Donn Tarris,
Telephone: 250-537-5931
Mail: PO Box 746, Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 2W3 Canada

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I was impressed by the apparent professionalism of the site and impressed by what you have done to promote the music. —R.B., Port McNeill, B.C., Canada


Content: excellent; ease of use: excellent; quality of sound clips: excellent; variety of music available: excellent. —M.S., Sydney, Australia


Content: excellent; ease of use: excellent. —R.P., Toronto, Canada


Content: good; ease of use: excellent; variety of music available: good. —J.G., Mitchelton, Australia


Content: excellent; ease of use: excellent. —D.O., Devil's Lake, North Dakota


Content:excellent; quality of sound clips:good; variety of music available:good. —R.M., Isle of Man


Content: good; ease of use: good; variety of music available: good. —W.H., Upwey, Australia